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Creating a new song

If you haven’t already, set up Frescobaldi + Lilypond or Visual Studio Code + Lilypond.

If you haven’t already, go learn the basics of Lilypond. It will make doing basic things much less painful.

Copy the template

To create a song called “My Song”:

Modify the template

The first things you’ll do after creating the new song file:

The \include files do a lot of setup and formatting, such that song file can simply give info, notes, lyrics, and chords, and all the difficult formatting and multiple outputs should just work.

Adding your new song to the website

Email it or use a Github pull request.

Appendix: How do I do [weird special-case thing?]

Here are a list of common Lilypond tasks that are easy to forget, and an example song that does it well:

Task Example song
Italic lyrics Wakantanka
Single staff Wakantanka
Dotted slur (lyrics ignore) Wakantanka
Shared tune between several songs All praise to thee, my God, using the shared tune Tallis Canon
Canon / Round Tallis Canon
Double column lyrics at the end Religion fit to last
Single column lyrics at the end We shall overcome
Alternating Leader/All or Unison/Harmony When Israel was in Egypt’s land
Chorus / Refrain lines condensed to one line without ruining the lyrics extractor All creatures worship God most high
Fermatas (up and down facing) All creatures worship God most high
Alternate title All creatures worship God most high
Score zoomed to fit on one page (both traditional notation and clairscore) All creatures worship God most high
Two lyrics languages in the staff Heilig, Heilig, Heilig
Hide/Show/Custom lyric/stanza/verse labels on certain lines Heilig, Heilig, Heilig
Different lyrics for each of 2 staffs Warm Summer Sun
One part in a staff resting while the other sings O come all ye faithful
Different lyrics for the same staff (e.g. soprano v. alto) When peace like a river
Double staff switch to single staff in same song La paz de la tierra
Lyrics skip note without using slurs Once in royal David’s city
Chant style (half bars, hidden note flags, tweaks noteheads/beaming) O come, O come Immanuel
Add symmetrical padding to verses The Lord Bless you and keep you
Line Lyrics Stanza above the soprano staff The Lord Bless you and keep you
Different note/duration midi vs. print (e.g. for fermatas) Teach me thy truth
Capo chords / Chords on multiple lines O wizened eyes resplendent
Vertical space padding using white-out chords O wizened eyes resplendent
“Quotes” in lyrics Use two ‘‘apostrophes’’ instead