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Contributing using Lilypond + Frescobaldi

(For more advanced users, see the Lilypond + Visual Studio Code setup)

All the songs on the site are written using Lilypond, which is a way to describe a musical score using code. Frescobaldi is an easy-to-use GUI (graphical user interface) for Lilypond.


You will need:

Clone the git repository

You’re going to copy this entire website, including all the songs, to your computer.

Getting a song to engrave correctly

To “engrave” (meaning turn the .ly file into .pdf and .midi outputs):

Leverage your individual creative energies

Experiment by changing things!

Audio playback

If you want to hear the music, you will need to install a program to play (synthesize) .midi files:

Then, with the synthesizer application running, go into Frescobaldi’s settings and change the MIDI output device to the synthesizer.

Creating a new song

Now that you have everything set up, read about Creating a new song