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The good:

  1. Copyright does help people protect their works from change or distribution.
  2. Copyright does often incentivize and reward creative innovation
    1. Honestly not sure if this increases the quantity or quality of works, but the current system seems set a pretty high bar!
  3. Gotta keep your baby safe!

The bad:

  1. Shouldn’t keep your baby locked up for life + 70 years. Let it live a little!
  2. Content innovation may be locked, but so is format/accessibility innovation
  3. Discovering copyright details is difficult when all you see in a ©
    • Permissive copyrights are seldom used, though it’s hard to know for sure.
  4. Copyright encourages people to take from the commons, but not give back
  5. Copyright teaches people to fear other human influence on ideas
  6. Copyright is too long

My 3 far-fetched wishes:

  1. Copyright term reduced to life + 25 (I’d settle for life + 50 (the Berne Convention minimum) as a realistic goal.)
  2. The typical creator seriously considers using Creative Commons instead of “all rights reserved” for community-oriented works, and will be celebrated for doing so.
  3. Rather than a single © symbol and the copyright holder, we should provide summarized details on the restrictions and permissions and contact information